is Dedicated to Building Trust

Earning Trust

by teaching the enterprise manager (you) everything needed to CREATE, OPERATE, and PROSPER using the Internet.

  A person who organizes and manages any enterprise is called an ENTREPRENEUR [ahn-truh-pruh-nur] <---Learn more  

AfterHoursProfit – Provides Ample Information

…necessary to help (you), the future entrepreneur, to make an intelligent decision necessary to organize and manage a particular business model. Affiliate Marketing is the business model being¬†promoted today and is accomplished by becoming a member of the website.

AFFILIATE MARKETING <---Learn more is performance-based marketing in which a business rewards affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. You will create and promote products or services that are of your own choosing.  

Affiliates Exploit & Promote Products or Services


…the Affiliate Entrepreneur (you) will exploit and promote a particular product or service. Internet visitors (your customers) will develop trust in your research information then proceed to purchase these particular products or services and thus earning an Affiliate commission (for you).

EXPLOITATION <---Learn more – the combined, often varied, use of public-relations and advertising techniques to promote a person, movie, product, service, etc.  

You Qualify with Computer & Internet


This is a typical office setup with a computer, wideband Internet access, and a smart phone… The smart phone is primarily for receiving notifications but is not absolutely necessary… Sit on a beach towel at the beach with your laptop after you’re receiving an income.


  • A Modern Computer (w/Windows-XP, Windows-7, 8 or 10)
  • Access to WideBand Internet (WiFi)
  • A Smart Phone (helpful for notifications)


Your Skills Should Include:


Devoting Time & Passion to YOUR Business


Your particular interest, that is, your particular niche (or passion) can be any product or service that you feel you are an authority… If your not an expert in any area, you can become one by doing the research your future customers won’t take the time for… This is an example pic only to show the wide variety of products that may be of interest to you…

A particular product or service is called a NICHE <---Learn more (neesh).  

  • Spare time available (2+ hours per day)
  • Particular interest or passion Niche) to exploit.
  • Willing to find and exploit other niches.
  • Enjoy business relationships with other members.


Out of Pocket Considerations:

Recommended for those individuals willing to proceed will want to devote the time that does not conflict with one’s day job or family functions <---Learn more. The recommended time to devote is after normal working hours or literally anytime for the retired persons. You pick the time slot you wish to work within any 24-hour period.

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  • Merry Conner

    Nice site. I was really pleased to see so much content regarding being an affiliate. I truly had no idea being an affiliate was done this way. Thank you so much. Great Site by the way!

    • admin

      Hello Merry Conner – Please stop by from time to time to see my progress… I’m studying HTML and CSS and enjoy seeing my ideas come to life… Best wishes from Danielll

  • Mimi

    Hi there, thanks for providing this page, which helps new internet marketers by-pass a lot of the madness and scammers in this industry and points us to a true guide for this type of business. I did check out your link to Kyle’s video concerning the 7-day upgrade. Looks like they definitely have the answers most people are looking for in this area. Love the look and feel of your website and will definitely be back for more tips.

    • admin

      Hello Mimi,
      Thank you for your input… I’m constantly massaging and tweaking my site attempting to get it to look the way I envision in my mind… It’s been a difficult task – BUT – making headway after starting the study of HTML and CSS – It really is quite powerful and rewarding, seeing you (my) thoughts and ideas come to life… Again, thanks and stop by again some time… Best wishes from Danielll