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What is Affiliate Marketing?

“Affiliate Marketing” is a type of performance-based business model in which a business (SELLER) pays commissions to YOU (the affiliate) for each visitor (BUYER) sent to them using YOUR own marketing efforts…Here is one WA member’s view (blog) of Affiliate Marketing for Newbies. (this is not a sign-up page).
There are four(4) core players:

  • Customer (Buyer)
  • Publisher (YOU, the affiliate)
  • Network (Paying commissions)
  • Merchant (Seller/Retailer)

The beauty of “Affiliate Marketing” is that YOU (the Affiliate) don’t have to invest any time and effort to create/manufacture products to sell… Here is a blog written by the Wealthy Affiliate co-owner, Kyle: Earn While You Learn! (this is not a sign-up page)
Man ShoppingOnce your visitor/customer (Buyer) arrives to the website (Seller) you’re promoting and then proceeds to make a purchase, the vendor (Seller) assumes all the responsibilities for the sale… The SELLER’s responsibility includes (but not limited to) these issues:

  • Photos
  • Descriptions
  • Customer Service
  • Customer Reviews
  • Shipping/Handling
  • Credit Card processing and more

YOU (the Affiliate) collect the commissions… This is because you researched the topic and made it easy for the reader to make a decision, see my (Passion) menu option for more information to address the NICHE topic (aka: Your Passion).
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