This is a brief description of the COMMUNITY within the Wealthy Affiliate site.

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The Wealthy Affiliate community consists of like-minded individuals with wide varieties of expertise’s… Instant help and support is from talented Internet Entrepreneurs that care… If you’re new to some of these terms, please visit this menu… learn more—>ENTREPRENEURS

You will discover live 24/7/365 help and support that’s found in a wide variety of modules, such as classrooms, live chat, training modules, and more… There is etiquette (click for etiquette blog) involved at WA as well… Here is a link to a typical blog at the Wealthy Affiliate website, concerning the Community.

Everyone has something to learn, everyone has something to share, and everyone benefits at Wealthy Affiliate… If you’re ready to learn more –
go there now—> Wealthy Affiliate.

There are literally thousands of discussions taking place every day within the Wealthy Affiliate platform… Learn from people who are currently running successful and highly profitable businesses on the Internet… It’s your choice to:

  • Surf the discussions and absorb the knowledge in the category you choose.
  • Perhaps you have a particular question you need answered.
  • Your knowledge and expertise is valuable to share with others as well.

With all the scams and sharks floating around out there on the internet, we provide the only safe place to Scams&Sharks3learn, get help, help others, network, build and succeed online.
At Wealthy Affiliate we pride ourselves on being a spam and scam free community. Nearly every other website or “opportunity” website that you come across is full of people wanting to benefit from selling you something. It is this sad fact that makes it very difficult to truly trust the information that you are getting.

There remains a plethora of information to reveal to you, the interested AFFILIATE ENTREPRENEUR… So, proceed to the next MENU —MEMBERSHIP— to see more interesting facts…

 Those of you with ideas, comments, or questions are encouraged to submit below…

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2 thoughts on “COMMUNITY

  • Daniel LeClear Post author

    Hello Mark,
    Thank you for your comment… Yes, I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate and enjoy working when I can squeeze in some time… Lately, it’s been somewhere between 4 and 6:00am… It’s very quite in my home at that time… Being an “entrepreneurial affiliate” is quite challenging and exciting to me… Three months ago, I couldn’t spell these two words, now I am one… The Wealthy Affiliate (aka: WA) training is unsurpassed in quality and professionalism… If you have a passion or would like to develop one and promote a particular product or service, then WA is for you… To find out if it’s a good fit for you, costs you nothing (except registering a domain for $10/year)… Remain a STARTER member as long as you wish… I am always there for my “referrals” when help is needed… Best wishes from Danielll

  • mark

    Hi There, having a support community like you talk about here sounds amazing, can i ask are you a member yourself and if so how are you finding this online program ? I am thinking of doing something online my self and are looking for the best place to be. What kind of training is available to its members ? Many Thanks.