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At first, working from home (Let’s call it HBB, “Home Based Business”) is a cultural shift in the life at home… The spouse and children may need to follow some simple adjustments in the rules at home… The distractions can be frustrating and exhausting during the training / learning curve… Self discipline is required but the secret is don’t quit and keep at it with a regular schedule.

Working an Internet business from your
home sounds like the dream of a life time…

The advantages are many, including:

1. Commuting Drive Time – Can You Use an Extra One(1) to Two(2) Hours a Day?

2. Commuting Fuel Costs Reduced – Gas Tank Still Full? Yep!






3. Commuting Road Rage (STRESS) –┬áNobody Needs That!

4. Wear and Tear On Your Automobile – Working From Home Means No More Exposure to Potential Fender Benders (or WORSE).

Road rage (male)







5. Work Your Own Hours –┬áIf the family doesn’t mind, begin your daily efforts at the wee hours (3:00am for example) if that happens to be convenient for you.

6. Work at Your Own Pace (you’re the BOSS now!) – this requires a little discipline and dedication… Many HBB Entrepreneurs do this every day.

7. Take frequent breaks to be with your family.

8. Work your Wealthy Affiliate business in your pajamas… We’ll keep it a secret!








The children can be a handful but a little thought and change of lifestyle can provide you with uninterrupted time to devote to your Affiliate tasks… Use your imagination to create an efficient lifestyle at home… Take the children to a pool, a park, a nature center, the zoo – set them in front of the latest DVD movie, educational TV, etc… Just tire them out… Work for nap time for them – You’re establishing an uninterrupted hour of time to dedicate to your business.

Learn to delegate the household chores – Time consuming tasks can be taught to the youngsters (age appropriate of course)… Help with the dishes, taking out the trash, and just cleaning up after themselves…

Establish a points system using a printed chores sheet they can initial when accomplished (Excel anyone?)…

Another option as a possible incentive is to pay them a small allowance, thus preparing them for life in the real world…

Keep a well stocked pantry of snacks, juices, granola bars, fruit, nuts and easy food choices.

Those of you with ideas, comments, or questions are encouraged to submit below…

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