This is a brief description of “PASSION” and how it relates to Affiliate Marketing.

What is a NICHE? Pronounced (nĭch or nēsh)

There are three(3) different definitions for Niche

  1. An ornamental recess in a wall or the like, usually semicircular in plan and arched, as for a statue or niche2other decorative object… This doesn’t fit our definition, let’s look at #2 definition.
  2. A place or position suitable or appropriate for a person or thing: To find one’s niche in the business world… This is closer, but definition #3 hits it on the head.
  3. A distinct segment of a market.

Authority1As an AFFILIATE, you present yourself as an authority in your particular chosen NICHE (slot, corner, cranny, hole, hollow, nook, or recess).

Searching the Internet is great way to find answers to problems or the “needs” in life… Your goal, as an research1Affiliate is to do the leg work for the person that lacks the time and know-how to search and research the particular niche topic… Your knowledge of the subject (niche) can be invaluable to a prospective like-minded individual… The INFORMATION, PRODUCTS, and/or SERVICES you recommend leaves the subject matter presented in a easy-to-understand format that will save the visitor / buyer; MONEY, TIME, and EFFORT.

In reality, you don’t necessarily need to be an “expert” – But it helps! Yes, you need to know something about your chosen niche but you WILL become an “expert” as your research forms into trust as seen by the reader… Just be willing to research the niche and present the information that will motivate your visitors.

Convert1When the buyer decides your information is valid and useful, they’ll be inclined to purchase from you (product / service)… This is called converting the visitor to a buyer.

I invite all my visitors with ideas, comments, or questions are encouraged to submit below…

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2 thoughts on “PASSION

  • David

    Hi Danielll. I found that bit about not really needing to be an expert to write on a niche very good. I have a few niche ideas, but I avoid them as I can always think of people who know far more than I do. Now I will just do it, but perhaps do research first before I post on something I don’t feel like much of an expert on. Thanks for the motivation!


    • admin

      Hello David,
      Your comment has got me thinking more about what I’ve written, “You don’t need to be an expert…” – Perhaps I should add, “but it helps” – You need to BECOME an authority in that niche… If I’m suggesting you can create a niche site without knowing anything, then I need to revisit that sentence (and I will)…

      When a niche site is completed, the reader should consider you (the author) to be an expert or at least experienced in the matter enough to get them to trust your information… I don’t really care if someone else is more knowledgeable than myself – There will ALWAYS be somebody smarter, tougher, stronger, taller, and prettier but it doesn’t matter in this business.

      I’m not a dentist nor any kind of an authority in the medical arena but I think I can consider myself (somewhat) of an expert with water-flossing… Since I’ve owned and operated one for several years, I know how effective they are… Am I an expert? No? But as a experienced user, I can research additional information to help the visitor make a decision… Your website for instance, is a good source of dentistry knowledge I could draw from… Gum health, etc., etc.